Wyze Cam v3, Cam Outdoor, v2 & pan Firmware Beta testing 2/8/2021

Both WCO’s charged to 100%, power cycled, and put back in service after firmware update… 24hrs later.

WCO 1 w/ Cam Plus, 11% battery drain, 3 minute cool down and records 20 seconds and is 25ft away from my TP-Link AC5400 and Base connected via Ethernet and outdoors in 5 degree weather at the front door with medium traffic

WCO2 no Cam Plus 1% battery drain, 5 minute cool down, standard 12 second record and is 40ft away from my TP-Link AC5400 and Base connected via Ethernet and indoors 69 degrees where there is very little traffic

Agree with R.Good, cold has an effect, too. Not as bad as some other battery chemistries.
Temperature effect and thermal impact in lithium-ion batteries: A review - ScienceDirect

Sounds like you are bewildered by the fact that WiFi works at all.

I feel like it is a mix of the cold, Cam Plus, cool down and recording settings that is contributing to the rapid power loss. May just bring them both in then out for a same environment comparison.

Is there a link to the beta fw for v3? This is me: https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/lj4946/ever_since_wyze_v3_latest_fw_pulled_this_has_been/
About to make some videos of how well various Wyze products hold up to various rifles @ 500 Yards. The Vacuum should be fun, moving around and all.

I wish they’d post it… doesn’t look promising though. The more we ask, I think the less they want to help.

Anything to make the grid detection zone actually ever work correctly again?

I don’t seem to be losing battery that fast. I am down to 91%, it is 29 Degrees here now, but has been in the teens and low 20’s for a period of time. I last charged the Camera about 1 month or more ago.

I don’t connect to see a live feed much as it is in my backyard. I am on FW Version The Base FW is I use CamPlus and my settings on the camera are as follows:

Detection: 100
Sensitivity: 100
Detection Zone is On
Recording Cool down: 1 Min.
Maximum Video Length: 5 Min.

Note: Just looked, the last 2 days, the WCO camera’s have not picked up any motion. I have it set for notification on Person.

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Resale Older products to upgrade to new


Pan Cam not detecting/notifying person or vehicle detection with Cam Plus

Samsung note 10+ Android 11 One UI 3,0
App Ver: 2.17.31
Pan Cam Firmware Ver:
Log Sent: TicketID 132052

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