Resale Older products to upgrade to new

Team off topic
Can WYZE or maybe the community has an area for community post for used WYZE products no longer needed from up grading ?
I have 3 Video door bells arriving tomorrow
I just need one. So I can resell two for example back to the WYZE community. Would be good to have such an area ??

Your title says older products yet you are writing about products not yet delivered.
Reads like you bought two more than you needed and want to profit.

Not really I’m not here to make a profit like PS5
I have friends that would like the doorbell at the point of preorder. But now it took too long and my friends couldn’t wait for delivery. So I’m left with 2 door bells extra. Should be delivered today as per my tracking.

This has been discussed and Wyze has indicated that they do not want to be in the business of hosting a resale site. There are lots of other marketplaces available.