I loved these cameras when I first got them…

After the problems with people being able to see other’s cameras, and the other problems I’ve had, I’m about done. I already have a Ring alarm system on my house, and I guess my next purchase will be their cameras. I have seven cameras if anyone is interested in buying them. I’ve had enough!

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If you’re sure about doing that and someone doesn’t DM you here, you can always consider marketplace posts, or eBay usually sells Wyze stuff at a pretty good price. Wyze devices actually hold their resale value really well, so eBay’s the most likely to get you the best price.

Best of luck. :+1:

If you are getting rid of any battery powered outdoor cams and base make sure you delete them from your account while they are still on-line because if you don’t they will not be able to be set up by anyone else = one mad buyer. :laughing:

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