The new update hurt my business!

Hello, I am a technological equipment integrator here in Guatemala and with the new update that you put in the App I now have a problem with my clients because they found out about the prices at which I buy the cameras and that took away the opportunity for me to sell to my clients. WYZE equipment, there are many people here in Guatemala and in other countries who are dedicated to buying WYZE cameras to resell and install to our clients, but if you make the costs known we will no longer have the opportunity.

I wouldn’t say that to loud. From WYZE terms of service. :rofl:


As @Antonius pointed out they are not authorized for reselling and since our business depends on people purchasing from us we cannot hide the prices.


I understand, I have more than 100 people using the WYZE product, the truth is I had not read that part, I will stop selling then. Thanks for the information.