Wife Bought Incompatible Products! Can I Sell Them Here?

My wife renovated a home 2 years ago and bought a few Wyze products that are not compatible with our home. I’ve been sitting on these, not knowing how to get rid of them, and figured I’d see if I can sell them to fellow Wyzers.

We have two (2) Wyze Locks, one (1) Wyze lock keypad, one (1) Wyze Video Doorbell, and four (4) Wyze Bulbs (white, not color). See attached picture (if it attached properly).

If you’d like to know why they’re not compatible with our home, the short answer is that we live in Puerto Rico and construction here (doors, entryways, lighting) is generally different from how it is in the States. For example, we have one (1) lamp in the house (and I have a Wyze Bulb in it!), but all of our other lighting is recessed LED lighting. I can explain more fully, and provide pictures, if you’re skeptical about this explanation.

Anyway, these items are brand-new, never-been-used, in their original packaging. I would just like to sell them to try to recover some of our original cost, so the prices are well below list prices you’d see online or in Home Depot, for example. I’d like other people to benefit from our purchasing mistake.

If anyone is interested in any of these items, or any combination of these items, just let me know and we’ll figure it out. If Wyze would like to “buy” them back, that’s fine, too, but my wife bought them so there’s literally no chance of finding the email receipts!

Thank you.

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Yes. You can sell them here, however all correspondence between you and the buyer needs to be via Direct\Private Message, and Wyze or the Forum will not get involved or mediate any deals.

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EBay might also be a good place to try to sell.


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Yep, got them out there as well. Thanks.

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For anyone interested, you can contact me at by forum personal message (PM) . Here are what I’m asking (plus shipping, unless the total bought is at least $75 in which case shipping is on me):

Wyze Lock - $90 ea.
Wyze Lock Keypad - $15
Wyze Video Doorbell - $20
Wyze Bulb White - $10 for a 2-pack, $20 for a 4-pack

[Mod Note]: Personal information has been manually removed for privacy and security reasons. Please use the Direct Message feature to communicate private information.

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Wyers, eh? Hmm, I always thought of all us as “wisenheimers”. But than again, what do I know, I ain’t too wyze.

Thanks, Mod. I didn’t know we had a DM feature here in Wyze.

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If the user has that setting allowed in their profile, yes. Click on the Avatar of the user, then click on Message. That will send a Direct \ Private Message to the user. Sending you one now to test if yours is on.

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This thread made me think about the automotive forum I am in. You need to have 50 regular posts or more to list items for sale to avoid spam.

What do you think about a Buy/Sell/Trade Wyze Category on this forum? Interested parties should still DM each other on transactions.

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That would be a suggestion for the Forum Feedback Thread. I think it has been discussed in the past, but I can’t remember the details.


WOW! The Doorbell and the Bulbs are an awesome deal! Too bad I don’t need them, and I just convinced everyone in my family to already get the doorbell this last Christmas when it was on sale for roughly the same price.