Ability to buy Wyze Lock without gateway

I just bought a door lock and gateway and love it. I would like to buy 2 more, but do not way additional gateways that would just fill up one of my cabinets. Please create a new package that just includes the door lock.



I agree that they should offer broader options. How about the lock/keypad together, bridge sold separately and the list will grow as their product line grows. But I imagine there’s a few reasons they won’t do this.
1-It’s another product to carry in inventory
2-it’s probably not much more expensive as is

Wyze keeps costs to a minimum so the gateway might not cost much at all. So it’s actually cheaper for them to not break it out. Just fill up drawer and when a gateway goes bad you got spares. Look for the positives. Lol


Sell Lock w/out Gateway

I already own a Wyze Lock and thus have the gateway. Since the gateway can support multiple locks, I’d like an option to buy additional locks without a gateway.

Really? No response from Wyze? Seems like a simple thing - to sell the lock without the gateway.

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