Ability to buy Wyze Lock without gateway

I just bought a door lock and gateway and love it. I would like to buy 2 more, but do not way additional gateways that would just fill up one of my cabinets. Please create a new package that just includes the door lock.



I agree that they should offer broader options. How about the lock/keypad together, bridge sold separately and the list will grow as their product line grows. But I imagine there’s a few reasons they won’t do this.
1-It’s another product to carry in inventory
2-it’s probably not much more expensive as is

Wyze keeps costs to a minimum so the gateway might not cost much at all. So it’s actually cheaper for them to not break it out. Just fill up drawer and when a gateway goes bad you got spares. Look for the positives. Lol


Sell Lock w/out Gateway

I already own a Wyze Lock and thus have the gateway. Since the gateway can support multiple locks, I’d like an option to buy additional locks without a gateway.

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Really? No response from Wyze? Seems like a simple thing - to sell the lock without the gateway.


My gateway went out so i have just the lock that works if interested?

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This is a sad situation with a simple fix.

Marketing missed an opportunity. Lack of insight and follow-up?


Yes. Do you have all the parts (i.e. the variable lock stems)? What do you want for it? And lastly, what caused your gateway to go out? Maybe I should buy a second one, with gateway, and stash the spare gateway until the inevitable?

I have the keypad too that works. I can take a pic of all the parts I took off of the door? $30 for all?
Not sure what happened with the gateway? Noticed one day it was blinking but did not think anything about it until the lock started to shut when we opened the door once in awhile. The gateway will go into pairing mode once in a while but will not pair after I enter my wifi password