Received a wyze deadbolt lock, keypad, and gateway as a gift and i can't use it due to software issue and i was told there is nothing they can do because i dont have the sales receipt because "it was a gift"

I have been a wyze customer for years until they refused to fix something i have zero control of due to there software issues. The gateway for my door deadbolt can not link to a 2.4ghz wifi signal. I can’t add it to my devices to begin the process of adding any of the items needed to set it up. I was told because it was a gift and i didnt have the sales receipt that the warranty is void. The fact that a software issue that i have no control over and is a issue that they need to adress is the reason i will no longer use or buy any wyze products. They treated me as if i mean nothing and that is why i will not renew my annual wyze membership for my cameras.

I don’t have a doorbell, but maybe I’m missing something here. If you already have Wyze devices, you obviously have 2.4 GHz WiFi. So what’s the problem? Hopefully someone who does have a doorbell can solve your issue.

Not sure what troubleshooting you have done so I’ll suggest a few things to try. First, if you can, temporarily disable any 5gHz SSID on your router and retry the setup. Second, clear the app cache and reboot your phone then retry the setup.

I know there have been many issues with the lock gateways. Do you get any error messages?

Ouch. That is sad but good to know.

But in a way good. You shouldn’t give Wyze items as gifts because you will need to offer lifetime, free support.

Yes I have had many wyze products over the years. I’ve called my internet company as well as eero who makes the wifi router I believe it’s called and done everything from temporarily disabling the 5ghz and all of there troubleshooting suggestions. I can’t even get past putting my wifi password to link on my home wifi and it every time would say it can’t find network. Manually typing it in to tryin to reset the pathway. I can’t remember exactly but eero said that it wouldn’t be able to log in if the , I wanna say gateways IP adress starts with a certain couple letters that it wouldn’t be able to work as it should. So without being able to sign In with the gateway I can’t do anything to link the deadbolt lock and keypad because you have to do the gateway in order to link everything else after that. Please let me know if you have any more ideas. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I truly appreciate it

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Sounds like a problem with the SSID/Password combination. This sentence doesn’t make any sense to me:

The IP address only contains numbers like Perhaps they mean something else? Do you have an alternative wifi you could use as a test to connect the gateway, to rule out a hardware issue?

May want to investigate this thread:

I’m 100% positive everything was entered correctly. I can remember the exact letters (I’m prettyse they were letters he said) at the beginning of something. He said that if they started with wutever that won’t be able to link. As if it was outdated software I figured. I would gladly take any option you may have. I was on the phone with the eero guy for approx 2 hours. Wyze told me I’m S.O.L within 10mins. The eero guy really did go above and beyond. He kept coming up with something else to try. He said if he could get it to make an IP adress he could change something and possibly make it work. But it wouldn’t even connect any way