Transfer Instructions for Lock and Doorbell to New Homeowner

I recently sold my house, and as part of the purchase agreement, the new homeowner requested to retain the Wyze doorbell and lock. Iā€™m reaching out to inquire if there are any resources available, such as video tutorials or written instructions, to facilitate the seamless transfer of these devices to the new owner.

Could you please provide guidance on the steps involved in transferring ownership of the Wyze lock and doorbell? Any assistance or resources you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome @ivanco

This is a user to user community forum with limited Wyze involvement.

However, with Wyze Products, you would remove the devices from your App and then the new home owners would need to load the Wyze App and create an account.

Then They would need to go through the setup process for each of the Devices so that they become management by them.

Not sure which devices you have so here are a couple of Videos and support threads:

Hope These help


Thank you!

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