Selling home want to transfer wyze doorbell to new owner

I want to transfer wyze doorbell to new owner of house. I do not want to re setup the camera because it will be very difficult to remove the camera to get behind it to reset it. I understand many have been able to do this but my situation makes this very difficult. I have read that I just change the email on the account and it should switch to new email (new owner). Do I first remove from my account? do I just change the account email? I read that I will need to re sign in for the doorbell. Not sure if re sign in is same as resetting and setting up from scratch. would apprecaite some clarity on the process and confirmation that I do not need to reset the button on the back of the doorbell. thx.

I would delete it from my account, then leave it in place. Let the new owners know how to set it up, then once they get their wifi system up and running, they can slide the doorbell off the mount, and reset it up as a new device on their new (new?) account. Are you leaving your wifi system in place for the new owners? Are you gonna give them the ssid and password that you are using so they can set up their wifi network the same as yours? I wouldn’t think you wouldnt, but since it has to change to the new wifi anyway, I’d let them set it up as new on their own time.


many thanks for the input. if the dang thing would actually slide up (yes even after pressing in) it would be great. it’s just an inferior design that works for some but not for others

One way of explaining is that it will feel like it’s going to break when pushing up but it wont, it’ll pop off. There is also the thin steak knife method, where you can slide it in from the side and push the tab back.

good inputs, might likely have to deploy, thx.