Transferring cams to new user issues

Just ordered 2 VDBv2’s to replace front and back v1’s. I want to give the v1’s to my son for his house. Can the vdb’s be transferred to another Wyze account? Should I reset them and delete? Any anticipated issues to be concerned with in adding them to his account? Thanking all in advance for yor replies.

You may find this thread helpful. Hopefully, Omgitstony will chime in on your exact situation.

Thanks StevenA. Different scenario for me, but in the ballpark.

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Well, you know he has to add them to another SSID and password, unless his network matches your exactly. Is his SSID and password the same as your?
There’s no harm in that. And if you folks routinely visit each other AND bring your WiFi toys, it makes sense for his to match your. If that works that way, then YOUR easiest on him, is just give him your Wyze account and let him change its password.

Then you create a new one. And when your new cams arrive, add them to the new account on Wyze even though the SSID and password is the same as son’s.

Thanks Sam. He has his own network ssid and password in another part of the city. I actually have an extensive Wyze infrastructure with Alexa and Google, Yes, a bit redundant without Google voice notifications. He has only 4 WODC’s. I just set up and switched to a 3 node mesh wifi and prefer not to have a separate account just for the new vdb’s. I’m hoping a reset and delete from my account will allow him to add the vdbv1’s to his account without issues.

No reset necessary. He can set them up on his account as soon as you hand them to him. You don’t even have to delete them from your account. If course you won’t be able to access them anymore, but deleting them isn’t a requirement for him to set them up on his account.

Thanks SlabSlayer, that’s good news. I was concerned because I had read a previous forum issue where someone had reset and deleted a camera and could no longer get it recognized and added back to their account.

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The battery operated Outdoor cams are highly particular about being removed from the account if it isn’t done correctly. All the other cams don’t have the anti-theft security feature those do.

SlabSlayer, quick ?. No where can I find setup possibilities for a single controller of the vdb.v2 to work for both front and rear doorbells. Am I correct that I need to use both controllers? Will be a little crowded in the chime box. Thanks

Sorry, I didn’t buy the VDBv2 for several reasons. I have never installed one or dealt with the Mechanical Chime Controller. I have seen others with two Mechanical Chimes ask the same question though. So having two bells with a single dual tone Chime would be in the same category.

I think that is something else Wyze didn’t have the foresight to consider.

Thank you! As always I appreciate your feedback.

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You might try posting your VDBv2 question in the VDBv2 Release Announcement Thread: Wyze Video Doorbell v2 - Released 10/24/2023.

Lots of posts over there.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just posted after reviewing all 98 current items in the thread.

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