Unused, Unopened Locks, Light Bulbs, and a Doorbell I Can't Use

I hope this is an appropriate thing to do.

We’re finishing up a home renovation, and months ago in anticipation of the entire project we bought 2 Wyze Locks, 1 Wyze Lock Keypad, 7 light bulbs [not 8], and a video doorbell. Turns out none of them can be used with the renovation. The doors are not compatible with the locks, we have no lamps, just recessed LED lighting, and the hole in the concrete post where the doorbell would go is not big enough to accommodate the necessary transformer.

So, all of these are available for sale if anyone wants any of them.

Admins, if this is an inappropriate post, please just remove it. Thanks.

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How much are you asking? When did you purchase?

I’m only asking what we paid for them. Not looking to make a profit. I bought the Video Doorbell on 5/5/21 for $38.99 plus S&H plus the criminally-high Puerto Rico sales tax. Total $44.98 not including the PR tax which no one should have to pay. My wife bought the 2 Door Locks, the 1 Door Lock Keypad, and the 7 Light Bulbs sometime within the past year. The renovation started pre-Covid and then stopped dead for a number of months. (I guess working outside in the sun and heat wasn’t safe…) I’ll find out from her what she paid for them, and when, but I’m guessing it’ll be close to if not the same as those items list for now from Wyze. She bought them all in one fell swoop.

I’ll get that info from her asap but I wanted to give you this information for starters without delay.

Ok, here are the items and prices of the unused, unopened items for sale that I have but cannot use.

Wyze Lock, $100 each (2 available)
Wyze Lock Keypad, $20 (1 available)
Wyze Video Doorbell, $30 (1 available)
Wyze Bulbs, $15 each (7 available); 2 for $25, 3 for $40, 4 for $50, 5 for $65, 6 for $75, all 7 for $90

I pay Priority Mail shipping on all orders > $49

Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, PayPal all accepted.