Wyze Cam v3 adjust length of cloud recordings for Cam Plus? Where?

Where is the option to adjust length of cloud recordings for Cam Plus? I don’t want the auto feature.
Wyze Cam v3
Blink has it. Ring has it. I just switch to wyze because I want to test your service. Kinda disappointed so far.
Probably switch back to Ring after the Cam Plus plan expires.

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There is no direct adjustment for the length of cloud recordings on Cam Plus. The recordings continue until no more motion is detected, up to 5 minutes.

The indirect adjustment is in the Cam Sensitivity. With it maxed out, not only should there be more motion activations, but the length of the recordings should also be prolonged as the threshold for motion detection is increased, thereby allowing for the slightest motion to continue the recording upload. A lower sensitivity should theoretically shorten the videos.


I have tested around with higher Cam Sensitivity. it is not useful. There are too many alerts.
There are so many features in the app. but missing out the simple thing.
Guess wyze is not for me.

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I have Cam Plus on all my cams. Doing so allows me to turn off notifications for motion only events in favor of being notified only when there is specified AI event. This allows for a higher sensitivity level without the noise of constant motion event notifications.

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I look at Cam Plus recording the entire motion event to the cloud as a positive feature. When swiping through Event videos, I rarely watch the entire clip. Nice to know the entire motion event is in the cloud if needed.


Only some of the battery cams can adjust the length of the cloud recordings.

Wired cams are seen to not really have a need for that since it doesn’t drain the battery and we can just stop watching the full event or use the faster playback.


I’m curious why you would want this feature. It doesn’t cost you anything to have longer clips, and the sensitivity will end the clip when it determines motion is not detected anymore.

If you have a good reason for this however you can create a #wishlist post. Then other users can vote on this and Wyze could add it.

Limited bandwidth and slow, crappy internet out in the hills. Capturing the entire event may be important in specific cases, but not every time the wind blows a branch 40 feet away from the camera. Come on Wyze - get it together on this please.

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Video lenght is always a problem for me.
I configured Maximum Video Lenght for 1 minute. This morning there was a detection after the subject showed himself to the camera. The recording started, 2 seconds later the subject stopped for 3 or 4 seconds, and 14 seconds later the recording ended. I couldn’t see what he did to the kitchen door.
As far as I remember, I have never seen a video in events that exceeded 14 seconds despite the setting being set to 1 minute.