Does cam v3 usa version power supply work in other countries?

Since the cam v3 feature is useless for me. I will go back to use ring system after the sub expires.

I want to send this cam v3 to Vietnam. Does the camera power supply work in Vietnam?

US, the electricity is 110V 60 Hz AC current.
Vietnam is 220 Volts at 50Hz.

Yes. Wyze Cam Power adapters are 110\220v capable if the receptacle will accept the plug format. However there may be issues w\ the frequency as the power adapters are intended for use in the US @ 60Hz rather than 50Hz. Update: see next post. Many are successfully using them overseas.

These are USB adapters so you should be able to easily find a cell phone charger built for the region supplying 5V\1A that will also work.

Also note this news:


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All my WYZE power adapters say 110\220v and 50\60Hz so they should work with the correct socket adapter.


I wasn’t aware they made the distinction between 50\60 Hz. That being the case they should be good to go. Thx!

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