Power supply for Europe


I want to order a Cam V3, as it’s not available here in France I’ll order direct or from Amazon States

My question is The supplied power supply will not work in Europe, Will a standard phone power supply power the Cam ? as can’t find the specs on the original power supply

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forums! The supplied power supply with the V3 has an output of 5v 1a.

Its mentioned in the tech specs on the product page.


Many thanks, I hadn’t seen that, then I can use a standard phone charger

I’ve just ordered the Cam V3 :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Hope it all works out for you!

In other news, is your username in relation to Starseige: Tribes or its successors?? VGS! :slight_smile:

I remember choosing Shazbot from a game I played many many years ago, Maybe Tribes, but it’s been so many years I’m not sure… :rofl:

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“shazbot” comes from the 1970s series “Mork and Mindy”, with Robin Williams as the space alien Mork. It was his expression of surprise or dismay.

I am in the UK so the included power supply is not suitable.

I just use a standard phone charger - USB 5v output at 1A.

I buy my V3s from Amazon UK and they remove the US charger and provide a UK compatible power plug

A regular USB power supply with 5 volt D.C. output will work as long as it supplies 1000 ma (1Amp) per camera or the supply that comes with the V3 will work too with outlet adapter.

You will just need to get an adapter to match your outlet.

The Wyze USB power supply can handle an input from 100-240 V.A.C. 50-60 Hz - the adapter may cost close to the same as an USB adapter with correct plug though :thinking:

Euro to US plug Adapters search on Amazon

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Thank all, I have loads of old phone chargers so should find one with a 1000mA output

Ordered mine from Amazon states as they are cheap and shipping costs are correct to France and Amazon France doesn’t sell the Cams

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Finally, what I have here at home is a 1.5A and a 2A

So I presume these are giving out too many amps for the Cam, or does it just draw what it needs ? making them okay to be used ?


I just left a V3 camera working in Europe, i used the original north America charger, works fine. You can also any USB charger that outputs at least 1A.

The camera only draws what it needs, but if the supply is less than 1 Amp (1000 ma) the power supply may not meet the needs of the cameras power needs…

A 2 Amp (2000ma) if it has 2 USB sockets could run 2 cameras.