Power supply options!?!?

Are there any other options for the power supply that plugs into the wall? The power brick the cans come with is bulky and obnoxious!! It’s very difficult to put behind furniture. Is anyone out there using something different?

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A quick search on Amazon found this:


The 1A port will work for the V1 and the 2.4A for the Pan Cam or V1.

There are lots more on Amazon.

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So the pan cam only needs a 2.4A to function properly?



There are lots of options to get the Wyze power pack (or any USB power supply) flat against the wall.



Then there are gadgets like this:

I use one of these with one of my Wyze cams.

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The power adapter is 110v/240v so it should work in Australia, India, Europe etc. In fact all my adapters (for laptop, camera, etc) are 110/240v and I’ve used them in Australia, the US, Asia and Europe without an issue.
In fact Loki a Wyze moderator stated that “If you read the fine print that’s on the plug end of the supplied adapter, you will see it’s rated for 220v. So theoretically it should be fine.” The plug actually states 110/240v 50/60Hz.

No…the poster says it needs 1 amp