Angled Power adapter

I am having hard time wiring the camera since there is no power outlet close to the camera position. There is a bulb on the ceiling so I tried using a socket adapter but since the Wyze power adapter is so bulky I am unable to fit it in. I found the following adapter on Amazon and was wondering if this would work with Wyze v2 and Pan:


Why not just use a regular extension cord to power the AC adapter? That is what I did and that would fit the socket adapter easily.

It’s 2.4 amps per port, so more than enough. Should work just fine.

Are you using this type of socket adapter?
If so I don’t see how the USB charger you’ve shown will help or why the Wyze adapter wouldn’t work.
If not, get one of these. :smiley:
With the chain you can at least turn the light off if you want

If the light is in an enclosure, the wyze USB adapter may stick out too far and not fit.

The V2 cam requires 1 amp, the Pan Cam requires 2 amps. Looks like this adapter would work fine for either one. Kind of a neat adapter too. Not bulky-good for reducing that’ wall wart” look.

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