Is there a way to fit a Wyze cam into a light plug?

So as I look at a way of installing a wyze cam,power is the problem. I have light fixtures outside that have power…

Is there a way of hooking up some sort of wyze cam in an existing standard light fixture? Maybe like a bulb with a wyze cam built in?


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There are 3rd party solutions that could work. For example:

As for a bulb with a camera built in, that of course would be an entirely new product development.

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Wow. Thank you for the quick reply. I do appreciate that!

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I just installed 2 cams on my back patio that are powered by a light fixture. It’s a fully enclosed patio with an 8-foot fence, so I didn’t do anything pretty. My installation is also a little unusual, but it should still give you an idea what an installation might look like.

I needed a cam for the patio (‘Squirrelcam’, as it’s there to watch out for them eating my fence), and a cam for over the fence to look at the backyard and my back door. So I needed power for 2 cams.

The two-sided adapter shown as the first item in Loki’s post was too wide for the neck of my porch light’s globe when you plugged a power adapter into either side of it, so I used a socket adapter like the second item, clipped the ground off a 1-to-3-outlet adapter, and plugged the two cam power adapters into that.

You can buy the first and second adapters in Loki’s post for around $2 at Menard’s. You get a 2-pack of the second adapter for that. So this doesn’t need to be expensive.

I didn’t need a light bulb because I never light the patio after dark. However if you have room for one and want it, you can get a dusk-to-dawn light bulb. Since your cams will probably be powered forever you won’t want a standard bulb in there.

I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the fixture to let the cables out, but there was already a smaller hole there to let moisture that runs down the outside of the globe out.

Worked great!


This one looks clean!

But kind of pricey though. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty nice device, but remember you will still need a dusk-to-dawn bulb or a smart bulb, as you wouldn’t want to go outside to press the lamp on/off button every time you needed it.

I used the socket adapter and separated the wires to the lamps so one stays powered all the time and the motion sensor powers the other socket with the light bulb. The unit is covered under my carport, but I added a cover to protect the camera from any rain that may blow in.


I took apart a Roku power adapter and soldered lamp cord in to replace the prongs that plug into the wall. It fit right inside the 4" round box my spot light is mounted on. Its been up for over a month now with zero issues


My Spot light fixtures are always powered, they are on photocell and motion sensors.

I was also thinking the same. I saw this
Outlet Light Socket Adapter

UL-listed 2 Outlet Light Socket Adapter JACKYLED E26 Socket to Outlet Splitter Converter Medium Screw Socket into 2 Polarized Outlet E26 Socket Adapter 4-Pack

I’m Interested in knowing if anybody else has done this