How do I connect camera to outdoor light?

How can I connect the camera to an outdoor light?
Can the light still work and the camera goes with that power ? Also I dont want to leave the light on all day for the camera to get power.

If you are talking about a house outdoor light that uses power from your house, you can’t plug the wyzecam directly into it. You need to use the wall adapter that converts that house voltage to 5v.
If you have a wall switch that controls the light, then you must leave the power to the light on if you intend to use it as a power source for the wyze.

To add to @madtaurus answer, if you search Amazon for “light socket adapter” you will find many options that add a 120v 2-prong socket to a light fixture, but with and without the ability to keep the bulb installed. Whether you can fit the 120v to 5v USB power adapter along with a bulb would depend on the configuration of the light housing.

If you search “light socket USB adapter” you can find them that accommodate the bulb and have a direct USB output.

That said, as mentioned above, you would need to leave the fixture switched on all the time. Also keep in mind that the Wyze cameras are not rated for outdoor use.


Here is a message thread with some thoughts on the topic:

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That’s a pretty nice device, but remember you will still need a dusk-to-dawn bulb, as you wouldn’t want to go outside to press the lamp on/off button every time you needed it.

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This is what I did. Notice there is a motion sensor on the fixture. You could also use a dusk to dawn sensor. I wired into power BEFORE the sensor


Here is one option:
Leave your power on all the time to The light
Replace the bulb with a Y adapter, available at the hardware store. Some of the Y adapters have a socket on one side and an outlet on another on the other but you can also buy a Y adapter with two sockets and a separate adapter that fits in one socket. Plug your camera into the adapter side with the two prong outlet and it will have continuous power. Then put a smart bulb or smart socket in the other adapter and control it as desired for light. Kind of a gangly looking configuration but it works.


I have a dusk til dawn porch light fixture with the wyze cam attached. Will the camera still record when the bulb goes off at dawn?

If the photo sensor switch is in the fixture itself and you have the Wyze plugged into a socket adapter, no. If the photo sensor switch is in the bulb itself, yes.