Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

Great idea I found an outside protective case for the wyze cam on Amazon for about ten bucks

Very cool set up. Reminds me of a minion, in hippy form.

I have two cameras plus the new Wyze Sense starter pack. I’ve had one camera mounted on a covered porch for almost a month with no issues. The second I am mounting, shortly, under the eves above the garage. Fortunately, I have lived in the same house for the last thirteen years and know where weather affects it the most.

I loved reading through all of the different ideas and options in this thread!

One question I have is how are you guys powering those cameras that are attached to the existing lights?

I posted this before. This is what I did


Here is some discussion on powering from a light fixture:

The usb adapter there looks very clean, but a little bit pricey.

I use the simple adapter (1st one in the list on that thread), but the wyze power adapter is a little bulky and so I had to struggle to squeeze it in the light fixture.

Be aware that IR doesn’t go through glass well, it will reflect back into the camera’s lens effectively blinding it. BUT, if you turn the camera’s IR light off and use an IR source from outside the fixture, you should be Ok.

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@ssuga putting the camera in the bird house is a great idea. Did you put anything in front of the camera?

Hi, Jtizzo. I would have covered the hole with glass but it renders the IR night vision useless 'cuz of the reflection…so we have to clean out the bugs and dirt from inside the house every once-in-a-while. Thanks!

Ha! A different kind of one-eyed-monster!

I bought these from Amazon and sealed them with 100% clear silicone and have no problems with them.



Anyone thought about 3d printing their cases? I printed these in three pieces that slide together. They have been holding up well the past couple of months. With a little silicone they’re water resistant, not water proof. They even give the looks of more expensive models.


Very nice! Is that a cr-10 I see lurking in the background?

Very close… There are two Ender 3d’s sitting there.

Cool, just getting my feet wet in that hobby now.

Dude how much do these cost you to make? I love it. Just wouldnt mind it in black. If you can message me. I might be interested in getting some from you. Might see if you could make a 2 piece though where the backing plate is built in though. I onno you are on to something good though.

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does it work at -20 degree? here the outside is very cold in winter

A v2 I have outside Worked fine at 17 below , It is under the eaves But it has no cover at all just a bare Camera , Worked fine last summer in the heat also, workin fine right now too

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