Covered porch use

Can you put these outside under a covered porch?

I have one that has been on a covered patio for about a month with no problems other than the usual. Intend to install two more this week. I’m sure there would be warranty issues if someone were to hit it with the hose (Unlikely. it’s about 8’ up in the air tucked in a corner), but for the price, I’m willing to gamble!

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I’m using two WYZE Cams outside (at least by definition of “outside”). One camera is looking at the front door and the second camera is watching the back patio.

At $25 a pop, I’m thrilled by their performance. If you look closely, the parts for the housing readily are available at Lowes or Home Depot. Total cost around $15. Both cameras are away from any weather that might cause them to fail. But, like I said, at $25 apiece, I’m not overly concerned. About the electrical requirements?

I added two 120VAC duplex outlets in the attic to feed the cameras. According to the NEC (National Electric Code), It’s OK to feed low voltage wire through the ceiling to the AC.

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I should have added a shot of the patio camera to show how it is protected from the weather…

Wow, this is awesome… can we source this case from you ? :slight_smile:

Looks very nice! I’ll be installing on outside, undercover this weekend.

It’s available from a million places. Home Depot and Lowes (or any big box home supply). The box is a 4" x 4" x 2" electrical box with a 1/2" conduit slip connection and solid box cover. I drilled the opening with a 1 1/2" Forstner bit then shaped the opening with a Dremmal tool. Connected a piece of 1/2 PVC electrical conduit to a 1/2" flood light cover. I hot glued the camera to the inside of the cover and fed the usb cable through the conduit through the flood light cover plate into the attic space

Great little camera. i have ordered three times from company and the very ist order i placed them (2) outside in protected locations and only issue was not being able to control motion detection on one of them( wind i guess). wish they had a 20-25’ cord on them. happy customer!

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Don’t source the electrical box, source the wooden birdhouse just to the left of the patio!!

It already has a hole, the roof is hinged, hang it right on the patio roof post for power.

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I too have a WyzeCam mounted outside under the overhang since November with no issues. This has so far lasted through Chicago weather (snow, cold, rain) with no issues. I am very impressed with the quality build and love all my cameras. As mentioned by Wyze, outdoor use is not supported so this will void your warranty, however for the price I was willing to replace or reposition the camera if this created problems for me.


Price and warranty were not issues?my inside cameras were so great that I had to try outside, I found my beer thief and cat food issues were resolved.

I bought a 20’ chord from Amazon.

That’s actually an “owl house” without an owl. Everyone else in the neighborhood has exactly the same owl house and they have owls… we don’t !

I Might as well convert it into a Wyze old owl house.

Thanks. Good suggestions!

I also ordered the Amazon long cables. Should be here soon. I think I will try the inside looking out approach right now. When it gets warmer I’ll try outside. I think my 2 flags will cause motion detection problems.

I am using two Wyze cams outdoor without issue. Both are under about 16 inch overhang and exposed to NY winter. Temps down to single digits, snow and rain. No issues.


Just received the new Black Wyzecams. I have it positioned under my covered patio. I placed my Wyzecam inside this birdhouse, which is available at Home Depot. The birdhouse has a side door, which opens to allow insertion of the camera with ease. I made a small shelf inside using two-hole metal brackets. The Wyzecam’s base magnet holds it to the shelf. I drilled a hole in the back of the birdhouse to accommodate the power cord. The birdhouse sits on a 5" brick shelf that is part of my wall. This was a perfect fit. The length of the birdhouse is 5 inches. The power cord is concealed using an artificial vine from Michael’s (also available at Hobby Lobby).