Power Adapter

I have received my new Battery Cam Pro. It does not come with a power adapter to charge the battery pack. I looked in the online Wyze shopping area and the only listed power adapter is “Wyze Cam Pan v1 Adapter”. The technical specs are not reflected, so I do not know the input/output parameters to know if it will work with the battery cam pro. Can tell me if that adapter will work?

Technical Specs show 5 Volt-2 Amp Power adapter not included. Input is like all other WYZE plug in cams 110/240 AC/DC

That’s true for the Battery Cam Pro. And that’s what I’m trying to find in the Wyze shopping area. The only power adapter listed in the shopping area does not include the technical specs, and says it is for a different product. I’m trying to find the specs for the adapter that can be purchased from Wyze.

If they didn’t change anything to the Cam Pan V1 power adapter, then it is 5V2A according to their website back then.

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You don’t need a WYZE adapter, just go to any store,Target,Walmart, Best Buy Amazon or any other retailer and get a 5V-2A USB wall charger they are cheap.


Thank you!

Make sure it is (USB A) . The specs. for your camera show a USB A to USB C cable. The big end ( A) plugs into the power adapter.