Will Wyze v3 operate using a cell phone charging block?

I’m trying to use 12 volts to operate my v3 camera so I’m using a 12volt cigarette lighter for a power point and a cell phone charging plug to power the camera. However the camera will work for about 30 minutes and go offline. I can restart it and it’ll work for another 30 minutes but if I use 110volts ac with a long extension cord with the power block that came with it it’ll work without stopping. Just wondering what could be wrong as I need it to work with 12 volts dc.
Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer.

Cigarette lighter socket in car?
Does it have a time out that turns off in 30 minutes??
Or just a bad cigarette lighter adapter…

I use these 5 volt micro-USB regulators, some have been in operation for close to 4 years outside.
12 volt to 5 volt micro-USB regulator for Wyze cams, etc…


It’s not in a vehicle but a power point that I picked up at an auto parts store and installed on an out building with a 12 volt solar system with a 12 volt battery bank.

You have to check the voltage and amperage output on the USB adapter you are using. Just like all cell phone charger USB wallworts, they are NOT all the same. I have found many that are sub-par and won’t provide the continuous power necessary to many electronic devices, including my cams. Others heat up with continuous max draw and shut down.


Sounds like a problem with your power source. I have one of my V3 cameras right now that has been running on a USB battery pack for the last day and a half. I have run cameras off all sorts of power sources including a USB outlet that was powered from a 70 amp power supply that was powering part of my Christmas light display.


70 Amp power supply? Holy Cow! I have got to see pictures of that light display Clark Griswold!

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This is an old video, but the only one I have on the web. The pixel tree in this video is 600 pixels (12 strings of 50), but is now 2,600 pixels (26 strings of 100). God willing I’ll get some new video this winter…


:clap::clap: WOW! Thats an awesome light show! I have tried in the past to make some with Light O Rama, but it’s never super special.

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:eyes: :astonished: Great show.


Thanks guys, and KyGuy, I am using LOR software.


I finally got the opportunity to watch that.

:no_mouth: Speechless :no_mouth:

I can now understand the need for 70 amps and a trunk line to the nearest nuclear reactor. Clark Griswold is no comparison.

I was particularly fascinated with the 80’s throwback Galaxia \ Space Invaders ‘Star’ ship choreography.

Great post!


Keep in mind, that is 70 amps at 5 volts. The entire show draws no more than the PC that runs it.


Gotcha. My brain was still stuck on residential voltage at 70 amps… Bzzzzzzz! :zap::electric_plug::boom:

I have never played with LED’s except in my trailer lights. Don’t know what it takes to run them.


A lot less than incans. Back in the incan days (or should I say, nights), power consumption was a major concern for larger shows. With a lot of people moving to LED strings and LED based pixels, total power consumption is generally a fairly non issue.


Super, Jim!

If you post it in Captured on Wyze maybe we could ask some questions about how you conceived of it, put it together and the like.

I would, anyway. :slight_smile:


Like many have said I have been using a buck converter from 12v to usb 5v for Wyze v3 cam. It’s been working great, until trying to use cam pan v2 and v3. 12v to 5v conversion power source doesn’t work for cam pan. For some reason the WiFi connect failed with 12v power for cam pan model’s. I am asking customers supptfor help…

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @danlevan! :raising_hand_man:

How many amps is that buck converter providing @ 5V? The Pan Cams all require a 2 amp power supply @ 5V. The V3 is only 1 amp @ 5V. 10VA compared to 5VA.

It’s a 3A 5V converter. It works fine for v3 Wyze cam. V2 v3 cam pan doesn’t like it, the WiFi failed to connect for some reason, trying to find out. Must be something interfering the WiFi signal of the pan features…

Yeah. At 3A it should be more than sufficient. Wondering if the buck converter is causing a polarity issue that the cam isn’t liking. :man_shrugging: