Anyone been successfully able to convert their old cctv 12V 5a connection to power Wyze v3?

I have a set of Q-Sec cctv bullet cameras that I plan on replacing with Wyze V3. I don’t want to run new wires, rather I’d prefer to use existing wires from my old cctv camera if I could find a suitable solution.

I found a 12v 5a to 5V 5a connector on ebay for cheap: 24V/12V to 5V 5A Step-down Buck Power Supply Module 4 USB Converter Board +Case | eBay
Although it powers the Wyze cam, it makes the Wyze light flash constantly…I am also unable to connect to the Wyze cam via internet . All this makes me think Wyze isn’t liking the power source.

One thing to note is that the power source is sending 5V 5a where as the specs on Wyze cam calls for 5V 1a.

Does anyone know if this is what’s causing Wyze to flash and not connect to the phone? if so, is there anything I can do to fix it? I found a LOT of threads similar to this (how to connect to Wyze using old cctv wires), but no one has answered how they fixed the issue.

No. And the power converter is not sending 5 amps to the camera. It is providing 5 volts at whatever current the camera is drawing. Note that during Christmas, I had a Wyze camera that was connected to a 5V 70A power supply that was primarily there to power 800 smart pixels on my Pixel tree - yes it was fused.

Thanks. So you are confirming even through the voltage is correct (5), the difference in amps (5a vs 1a) can be the issue?

The 5a vs 1a is not the issue.

You always match the voltage and at least have the amperage for the required end device.

The voltage is what actually powers the device. The 5 amperage supply into the 1 amperage camera works because the camera would only ever use up to 1a out of the 5a available and hence not an issue.

I’m assuming your old cameras are 12V dc? My guess would be the converter isn’t supplying clean power, most likely cheap components putting a lot of noise on the output that wyze doesn’t like.

The idea is sound and should work, either it’s a dud or the components are bargain bin stuff. I would try a different one.

Found this one on amazon and a quick look at the reviews says people are using it the way you want to with good results: eoocvt DC Converter Buck Module 12V Convert to 5V USB Output Power Adapter: Home Audio & Theater

this is the part i am not sure. Amperage is current, so unless Wyze has a built in converter, woudn’t sending 5v 5a to a 5v 1a “burn” the components? As of now, it just seem to power cycle, so obviously not liking the intake.

The designation of 5v/5a supply means it is capable of up to 5a load on 5v. If your device is only drawing 1a the supply is not pushing the remaining capacity since its not drawn.

Sounds like you have some type of supply issue though so I would recommend one of these →

They have helped me very easily determine what voltage is coming at the end of a USB or what the camera is drawing etc.

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