Power Connection

I recently purchase several Cam v2 cameras to begin replacing my 14 year old, non-Wi-Fi (excuse my limited nomenclature knowledge) cameras.

All my older cameras are hard wired to a power source by barrel adapters and 12v appears on the back of each camera. I would like to connect my Wyze cameras to the same power source; the Wyze cameras use micro usb and are 5v which, I think means I have to purchase an adapter that will accommodate micro usb to barrel (female).
However, I am very unsure of the power differences and would like to know how or what I need to purchase to drop the volts from 12v to 5v so I don’t kill the cameras.

Anyone have suggestions…?

Suggest you search this forum - there are a great many posts on how to re-use existing camera wiring and power supplies.

One common technique is to use a dashcam car kit to down-convert the 12VDC to 5VDC at each camera. Dashcam wiring kits are readily available with microUSB plug.



Thank you for the information…I wondered if something like that would work. I had come across a 12v-5v 3A usb converter voltage step down regulator; do you think it would also work?

The Wyze cam micro-USB port is deeply-recessed and is a very tight fit. Most of my spare USB cables don’t fit. Make sure that whatever option you choose has the correct USB plug size.

The right-angle microUSB plug on the product that you linked can be problematic, due to the mechanical design of the V2 camera. A straight plug works better.

And as qlang points out, a lot of ‘standard’ microUSB plugs won’t fit into the recessed jack on the back of the V2. However, with a Dremel tool or a sharp utility knife, one can (carefully) shave the plastic shroud around a too-big microUSB plug and make it fit.

Thank you.