Replace professional cams

My professional cameras that were installed have the following power requirements:
110 volt in 12 volt out 5000mA

Wyze has:
Power Adapter Input 110-240V (AC/DC)
Power Adapter Output 5V/1000mA

The problem is the output. Is there a converter or someway that I can adapt it to 12 V and then just install them in the exact same spots where the so-called professional cameras are installed and already have power and Wi-Fi.

Might this work for my problem

Step Up Converter,Qutaway 5V To 12V USB Step Up Voltage Transformer DC Power Cable With Barrel Jack Booster Module(5V-12V)

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To replace a Wyze Camera with a professional camera that requires higher voltage, that might work. It depends on what connectors you have available.

To replace the professional camera with a Wyze camera, you would need a step down transformer that ends in a male micro-usb connector.


You are correct I was doing it backwards thank you for correcting me and putting me in the right direction

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How about this

HOMREE DC 8-35V to DC 5V Step-Down Converter Buck Module 12V/24V to 5V 3A 15W USB Output Power Supply Charger (Type c USB)

I think something like this would work.

DC-DC 12V to 5V 3A Micro USB Converter Voltage Step Down Regulator Waterproof Power Converters for Car Smartphone

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Doesn’t have a USB end on it

Check out the second one that I linked it has a USB and on it and I think it would work

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Yup, it’s got a right angle micro USB on one end and DC 12-24v bare wire input

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I think the second one (HOMREE) has a USB type C connector instead of a micro.

Once again you’re correct I was thinking that the USB see was what was connecting into the camera but that is what connects into the power supply that plugs into the wall so I would need the different end thank you for correcting me on that

This one has a straight plug which might work better I’m not sure if an angled plug would work better or straight plug

HOMREE DC-DC Converter Step Down Module 12V to 5V Micro USB Output Buck Power Adapter (Micro USB)

This has been a fun discussion. I talked to the guy that did the so-called professional installation of the cameras that I have about what I was wanting to do and he’s not real happy about it. He also believes that wired is always going to be the future and the Wi-Fi cameras are not going to progress and get better and be the future. I think it’s because we live in a rural area where Wi-Fi is sometimes sketchy but they’ve improved it immensely lately so I think he’s going to find out that more and more people are going to want to go Wi-Fi and his expensive $200 wired cameras aren’t going to be selling. I showed him a picture of my $20 wise camera at 1080P and he said that was a pretty decent picture. I said that’s a great picture for a $20 camera at 1080P. And he said well our cameras now are 2160P and I said but they’re also $250 so I’m not sure I want to pay 10 times the amount for slight difference in picture quality.

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Your right, straight would work better. Only thing I’d be concerned about would be If the non-wyze micro would fit in the recess hole of the camera. You might be better off with a female USB connector like this.

HOMREE DC DC Converter Buck Module 12V/24V to 5V 3A USB Output Step Down Voltage Regulator Charge for Samsung Galaxy , iPad iPhone 4S 5 6/6 Plus etc (Standard USB)

May I ask how a female USB would work? Because it uses a mini USB to plug into the camera so how would a female USB work to plug into the camera

I think both have their place. Hardwired cams can link up to a central NVR and aren’t as easily knocked out with WiFi interference ( natural or intentional). Wyze packs a ton of value in these little boxes, but better sensors, lenses, & build quality do have value.

That being said, a $20 camera this good is just awesome!

The female USB accepts the standard Wyze USB micro cable supplied in the box,. By using that cable, you know it’ll fit the camera. Sometimes the plastic shroud on cheaper micro USB cables is much larger than the sleek/skinny shroud on oem cables.

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Zjed. Yes yes yes that is very correct and it would give me extra cable so I could move it a little bit if I needed to very very good choice again thank you for your help and advice this is been an awesome discussion

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