Power supply option for Wyze cam

New to this forum so I hope this is the best place to ask my question. Currently I have several cameras in my Restaurant that I would slowly like to convert to Wyze cameras. The biggest challenge is providing 120 V to each camera area so I can plug in a USB Charging device. I do have 12 volt to each camera. Is this suggestion a viable option?

Purchase a cable converter (5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Power Plug Jacket Female to Micro USB Male Charge Adapter) like this:


I would replace the current CCTV (12 volt) power supply with a 5 volt 1 amp or greater AC to DC adapter. This would allow the use of the existing CCTV camera extension cable that is in place. I would then be able to use a standard USB cable to power the Wyzecam. Thoughts or suggestions?

This topic has been thoroughly covered in previous threads. For example, here:

Your CCTV cameras are powered by 12VDC power supply. You can continue to use it to power the cameras by adding a 12V-to-5V converter (such as a dashcam power kit) at each camera. Your idea of feeding 5VDC over the existing CCTV wiring may or may not be successful, depending on the length of the wiring runs, the gauge of the wire, the phase of the moon, etc. That approach has worked for some, but not for others. No harm in trying.

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