Repurposing Siamese Cable from old camera system

i had an old Swann camera system in place and switching these over to Wyse cameras. I already have Siamese cables run to each of my old cameras. A Siamese cable is a cable that has BNC connector for the picture and small male plug to power the camera on both ends. On the DVR end of the run, the BNC goes to the DVR and the plug hooks to an adapter outputting DC 12V 5.0A. I believe these cables are 18 awg with just +/- wires running through the power portion.

My thought is just to cut the plug on the camera end of the run and splice a micro USB onto the end of the already in place power cable. Some of my runs are pretty long but I never had a problem with getting power to my existing cameras. This would save me a bunch of time fishing wires if it worked. What are my odds of success?

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The odds of success are zero if you simply splice a microUSB on to the end of the existing power plant. The 12VDC from the Swann power adapters will fry the Wyze cameras.

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Yes I figured that out this morning after doing further reading in the forum. I have a better understanding now. I am pushing 12v 2A and I need to step that down to match the adapter that comes with the wyze camera. I found a DC/DC converter on Amazon that will take my 12V and output 5v 3A. It had screw terminals for input/output so that should work. I ordered it along with a few more camera and we will see if it works. Thanks

One advantage of using a dashcam wiring kit is that the output cable (5VDC) has the required microUSB plug on the end. So no need to mess around doing surgery on microUSB cables, stripping the insulation off the tiny conductors, fastening to screw terminals, etc.
For example:

I have an old Swann system, what did you do to power the Wyze cams with existing wire?