Looking for distributed 10 channel power supply

Hi I am looking for a distributed 10 channel power supply to supply Wyze cameras and doorbells through the house. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

What are you trying to accomplish? If you mean a central power supply that will power all your Wyze devices scattered throughout your house, that is not going to work well. Unless you have a have a tiny house, cable lengths are going to kill it. Too much voltage drop between the power supply and the devices.

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I have a CCTV system in my home that uses a 12v distributed power supply, I am planning on changing this to distribute a 5v dc power throughout the home to power the Wyze doorbells and the Wyze pan cameras that will replace the long abandoned CCTV system. Is this doable? I only have low voltage wiring to the old system cameras.

Only maybe. The big issue is voltage drop in the cables. Unless it’s less than 15 to 25 feet, you will not be able to distribute 5V and have it work.
Personal experience. I tried to do something similar recently. I have an old analog security camera system that supplied 12V power to the cameras on the same cable that the video came back to the DVR. I put a small 5V regulator at the end of the cable and hooked that to a Wyze V2 camera. The camera started up, but would not connect. Took out my voltmeter and found that with the load of one V2 cameras, the voltage going into the regulator was down to 4.7 volts and about 4.2 out of the regulator. The V2 simply could not function at that low of voltage. I had noted when I wired in the regulator, that the wires in the cable from the old DVR were TINY (around 32 AWG), so the excessive voltage drop was not a surprise.

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