Powering from hardwired CCTV

I had a blind spot that I wanted to cover with a wyze cam that was right next to a hardwired CCTV camera. This camera has a 12V DC supply. So I rigged up this adapter to share power and give the Wyze 5v USB. Worked out great!



Very nicely done! Folks will probably ask for ideas what bits and parts are necessary and wiring instructions.

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I’m replacing my 12 V CCTV cameras so I should just be able to use a 12v to 5 V converter and hardwired the Wyze camera correct?

These also work, 12 volts in - 5 volts out and micro-USB…


Yeah, that would be a cleaner option, however, the parts I used I had laying around for a quick fix. :smile:


Fantastic idea - you can get those little chargers for less then a buck nowadays. An easy solution for long line runs…use standard 12/14 gauge wire from a 12v DC and hook one of these up at the end. Much more convenient then getting a long USB cable! :slight_smile:

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Hello @OhioTim

I submitted ‘Powering V2’s with old 12 cctv systems’ to Tips and Tricks a while ago. The article about powering V2 cameras from existing 12V CCTV systems provides some additional construction detail, parts needed and some methods of mounting V2’s. Some WYZE community readers may find it interesting. My existing 12V CCTV system was installed in 2012 and still provides real-time images on the office monitors and on my laptop computer when I am at home. This system is obsolete and lacks the current security protocols needed to send me alerts, hence I installed the WYZE V2’s that would send me alerts.

The V2 cameras are so small and compact that they’re hardly noticed near the old analog cameras. Some of the power adaptors for the analog cameras had to be upgraded to 3A capacity to provide old and new camera functionality.

Being able to use existing wiring to power the V2’s is convenient and there is the added convenience of being able to power cycle a V2 by pulling the controlling power adaptor. All of the power adapters are labeled and near each other under the desk.

Attached are some recent pictures. To see the original detail pictures check out ‘Powering V2’s with old 12 cctv systems’.

These monitors represent two different brands of security cameras. Honeywell and Swann.

The above three pictures depict the many power adaptors plugged into several power bars. The tape labels are for old and new cameras, DVRs, old PIR motion sensors, monitors, etc.

Victor Maletic


I have power at the old sites already I think going with The above hardwired charger cord will be perfect for me. But the additional cams I add I will have to go the romex long run route. Thanks for all the great ideas.

I’m not about to replace my old analog cams. They’re real time 24/7 viewing without bogging down the wifi. I use the wyze cams to fill all those spots where I’m hoping for a face shot.

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I’m not either. But I’ve had 2 go bad in a lightning strike in the last month. So I have to 2 open spots with no cameras.

I have PoE to an old internet antenna mount on our house roof. Do you think this would power wyze with this device? Amazon.com


If the voltage is right it should

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Did you read that first review? Guy shows it reading 12v.

Great spot by you. Everything says 5v but reviewer shows differently.

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First place I go anymore is the reviews, and generally sort them by most recent. But still you have to take the reviews with a grain of salt.

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Question about that PoE.

Yes, you can get power to the camera from it but can you also use the connection to receive video? I have a PoE on a different camera running the feed through my network to an external on the server PC.

My CCTV cameras have two wires a power wire and then a video wire so I would think your power over Internet would just give you your 5 V power and no video. but I am not very well-versed in this so someone might have a better answer

Omg I have been trying different things to get something like this to work. It seems that the cigarette lighter converts 12v to 5v. I fried a camera trying an amazon dc to usb connector because of the voltage. I would buy one from you. If you are willing to sell me one please let me know. My soldering skills are pathetic.

Or this may work Car Hard Wire Charger, 12V to 5V Dual USB Female Port Charging Cable Direct Link Hard Wired Step Down Converter Power Supply for Dash Camera Car DVR GPS Amazon.com