Powering from hardwired CCTV

I also have am attempting to use the old CCTV cables to run the V3. I have 12v running the length of the house. I am using a 12v to 5 v converter. Same as the previous post with USB A connectors. I tested the input at 12 v and output at 5v. When I put power to the camera, I get a red light the goes on and off (not blinking rapidly). When it goes off, a blue light flashes. Then back to red. It doesn’t connect. The camera works with plugged into a regular USB. Any suggestions?

FYI: I am using a V3 camera. Is there something different with the V3 than with the V2 cameras??

Yup, nothing better than hard wired whenever possible!

I concur that hard-wired cameras are good.
I did have to install higher amperage transformers to service the old and new cameras together.
I use both the old and new cameras. One advantage of tapping into the old camera’s power is that power cycleing the Wyse only requires switching off the associated analog camera.

Looking for help about ussing existing CCTV wiring to power-up some V3 found this thread.
I replaced the 12V CCTV power supply for a 5V / 5A power supply. Bought the adaptors to convert the 5.5x2.1 plugs to microUSB.
At the base it worked perfectly, but when I connect it where the original cameras were, 30ft away, it doesn’t powerup the V3, even to the multimeter it shows 5V.
Any idea?