Powering from hardwired CCTV

I also have am attempting to use the old CCTV cables to run the V3. I have 12v running the length of the house. I am using a 12v to 5 v converter. Same as the previous post with USB A connectors. I tested the input at 12 v and output at 5v. When I put power to the camera, I get a red light the goes on and off (not blinking rapidly). When it goes off, a blue light flashes. Then back to red. It doesn’t connect. The camera works with plugged into a regular USB. Any suggestions?

FYI: I am using a V3 camera. Is there something different with the V3 than with the V2 cameras??

Yup, nothing better than hard wired whenever possible!

I concur that hard-wired cameras are good.
I did have to install higher amperage transformers to service the old and new cameras together.
I use both the old and new cameras. One advantage of tapping into the old camera’s power is that power cycleing the Wyse only requires switching off the associated analog camera.