Start selling a 12v to multiple micro USB for Wyze Cams

Most people are replacing their existing CCTV with Wyze cam. The 12v dc wiring for their old camera still exist and it would be a waste not to take advantage of it.

A kit\ kit to converts 12v to two or four usb, with T-Tap wire crimping would be so useful.

That wouldn’t fit because the micro USB has a larger diameter than Wyze cam. Better solution would be:

I just meant it would be nice to buy it all from one location.

Using it on 6 cameras, V2’s & V3’s.
USB fits on V2 a bit snug but does fit, V3’s are no problem

I whittled the end of my USB cable to make it fit.

Bought a 12v vehicle USB adapter from $1 tree. Cut the existing female end on the CCTV camera and soldered it to the input of the 12V adapter. I now have 2 outputs per adapter for a $1. Has been working well for me for a LONG time.

Add A Wyze Cam Anywhere You Have A Traditional Security Camera.

I currently Buy an Adapter on Amazon For this…But its a simple 12v to 2 USB power port adapter. Has the same plug as most non POE security cameras. Very Simple. I can put 2 Wyze cams everywhere I have 1 standard security camera currently. Wish to see a Wyze branded adapter!