Wyze 3V to existing surveillance power

I am attempting to replace my existing 8 camera CCTV system with Wyze cams. I already have V2 and Pan running off the household current. I read a post on this forum with ideas for ways to do this. I used a 12v to 5v to USB reducer. I am getting very close to 12v to the reducer and 5v to the UBS. But this didn’t work. The V3 I connected pulsed a red light a few times, blinked a blue, then repeated the red. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and why this doesn’t work?

The Cam v3 specs say they draw 1A but in my experience, the actual current used whether events are recorded continuously or event only, is about 300mA.

I use the Wyze adapter that comes with the box, plugged into power.

Perhaps your rig doesn’t provide enough current. Just a guess.

I use this Drok USB Tester:

Where are you placing this? If you are putting it next to the existing transformer and expecting that 5V to make it through all your long cable runs, that’s not going to happen. Many people put individual stepdown dongles at each camera location.

Thank you for your suggestion. The voltage reducer is at the end of the run near the camera. I connected it to the origination end of the cable by the CCTV unit. It worked. So it’s getting something with the cable.

My voltage meter doesn’t appear to test the amperage. Could be user ignorance or old and broken.

The converter is rated 12v to 5v/3amp max. It works when using power coming close to CCTV unit but not at the end of the run. I even used a Cam V2. So not an issue with the V3.

Thank you for your input.

I discussed this problem with an electrical engineering friend. He suggested the wiring was not adequate. I connect 2 power cables from the CCTV unit to the reducer. It worked. So it appears the old CCTV wiring could not handle the load. FYI for anyone else having the same problem.

If you’re going to rewire anyway you might consider switching to PoE.