5v Power Distribution

Im starting my Wyze adventure after someone gave me a v2 to play with. I know one of the hassles people with multiple cameras face is having to get a receptacle in to supply power. I have seen talks from daisy chaining cameras to poe 5v extractors for use with network cable. Has anyone considered running a 5v distribution board such as what would be used in an access control environment?

Here is an example of the board I am considering.

Paired with say 16 gauge 2 conductor wire and you could run 40’ and still have roughly 4.7v at the camera. You can get low voltage lock boxes pretty cheap and have the power supply and all inside a nice lockable spot.

Does this sound like a dumb idea?

A much better architecture is to run higher-voltage (say 12, or 16, or 24VDC) over the long cable runs, then down-convert to 5VDC at/near the camera. This approach allows use of smaller wire, will incur less voltage drop (since the current is lower), and reduces the potential for EMI pickup on the long cables.

If you search this forum, you’ll find numerous articles on using dashcam power kits (and other methods) to down-convert to 5VDC.

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A secured camera is sometimes a good idea.