CAT5 POE existing Att wires

So I have an existing att system that the previous owner wired into the house and he ran the cat 5 cable to 3 cameras that I would like to use, I’ve read on This forum that you can use a poe adapter to power the Wyze cam v2, however I looked at the old power supply that comes with the pervious system and it’s rated at 60V however the camera runs @ 5V… my question is once I get the POE adapter will that power supply fry my cameras because the voltage is so high? I did read here that the power brick acts as an adapter that can be plugged into a wall up to 110V, but if I use the Poe adapter to usb will that fry my camera ? Thanks! I just got wyze and love the products . Ty

I believe you would need to get a 60 V to 5 V down converter. For my old CCTV cameras I had to get a 12 V to 5V down converter. But I’m not a licensed electrician and I’m not extremely competent with POE yet. But I do know that I had to down convert my 12v to 5v or I would fried v2s.


Welcome to the community, @bruce.470. If you use the search feature (magnifying glass icon, top-right), I think you will find there are existing posts on the forum concerning POE. You might find additional information in one of those. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you can get a step-down converter, and it will work, just don’t screw up the polarity.
You can also replace the POE power supply, but that is more expensive.

Just depends on how much you want to spend. :slight_smile:

Hmm thanks! On amazon’s website the dongle it’s showing that the max input is up to 56V, which Is pretty close to what I need right ? Or running it at max range will risk frying it?

Here’s the link

I did a really quick search and I couldn’t find anything at 60 V to 5v. I’m not sure if 56V will be good enough or not. I guess you could try it on one camera and if you fried it you only lost $35 bucks. :crossed_fingers:

No, don’t do that. In your situation, if you don’t want to wire it yourself, then I would just get a new power supply since 60V is a oddball. In fact, are you 100% sure it is 60V? Is there a model # on that?

I agree with @EyeNsky. Would definitely get a make and model number and get all of the statistics off of it that you can so you know exactly what your working with. Guessing in situations like this is never a good idea.

I’d have to check, but I did find a new power supply for 48v it’s $8.99 on amazon, so I can just buy a new one altogether ! And not risk killing the camera