Better 5 VDC Camera Power Distribution

The 5V power transformer for the V3 is not particularly helpful if you don’t want to “pull” 110V power to all of your cameras. The expense of Romex wire and 110V plug boxes, etc. is not necessary. Find a place to mount a CCTV power distribution system and pull 18 ga. “bell wire” (i.e. interior rated) to each one of the cameras. Cut the USB plug off, strip the power wires, and use shrink solder connections to attach the 18 ga wire to your micro-usb power ribbon for the camera. It’s far less intrusive an far less expensive. Get the Wyze camera and then let someone with a bit of electrical know-how design your installation.

It’ll probably void a warranty, but if you get someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s WAY better than having 110VAC plugs all over or other “fixes” I’ve seen like extension cords.

Here’s a link to a 110VAC/5VDC power distribution box for $60 that will handle 18 cameras for a reasonable home system.