12v power adapter to USB


I was using Q-see cameras a while back and had installed Q-see 12v power to all cameras (see link above).

After great experience using WYZE cameras, I am now replacing all the old Q-see cameras with WYZE.

Is there a adapter that will connect to Q-see 12v power cable, and convert it to 5V USB to connect to WYZE camera?

There is not such available from Wyze. I’m not sure why you’d need it since each Wyze Cam comes with it’s own power adapter and cable. There are plenty of 12V to USB adapters on Amazon, but the only ones I see would require some manual (soldered) wire connections on your part.

I am trying to avoid running new USB cable wires again through the wall. There is no electric power nearby - distance from electric point is around 100-200ft and its already wired with 12v.

Well, you could get something like the link below and either cut/splice it into the end of your 12V cable, or find a compatible female plug socket to attach to it.



thank u - this should work for places I can hide that box.


If you search this forum, you will find posts describing a number of ways to remotely power a Wyzecam.

Here is one:


This is relevant. I will search for it. Really appreciate the help. .

I also am trying to do this. Found this adapter going to try it, I’ll let you know. Conwork 4-Pack 90 Degree Right Angle 5.5 x 2.1mm DC Power Plug Female to Micro USB Male Charge Adapter for Cellphone Tablet Amazon.com

The round barrel of the linked Conwork adapter will not fit into the recess in the back of the V2 cameras. Nor is it compatible with the Pan&Scan.

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I am actually researching that as well, I am thinking about using this:

I will cut it in the middle and then insert a DC 12V to 5V converter board in between, and solder the 4 wires, hopefully this solution will save some space for the unnecessary wires if using the dashcam powet kit.

Hey wizeuser, did that work for you?

Has anyone tried this
12V to 5V DC Converter Buck Module USB Output Power Adapter DC Power Adapter Converter DC to DC Regulator Car Power Converter (3) Amazon.com

Trying to go from 12V barrel connector powered cameras to Wyze V3 Pan. They make an adapter to go from Barrel connector to USB (seen above). So… What about using a 12V to 5V converter after the main power block and before the 4 plug adapter?

Hey Wyze Men!

Did any of you have success?

I’m going to frankenstein lamp cord with old plugs off of discarded appliances and just use the supplied 120v USB plug. Seems same labor as what is proposed above.

Would be to easy if the cams accepted variable voltage, so the all we would need is the usb to barrel connector. I would think there are hundreds of us out there if not thousands that made the costco Q-see mistake.

Yes, I have had success with this setup.
Most security cameras can run on both 12 or 24v DC.
This buck converter,

And this barrel connector to 2 wire adapters.