Novel approach to powering: dashcam hardwire kit

A number of Wyze owners have described (or asked about) alternative ways to power a Wyze cam, typically for ‘remote’ (outdoor) locations where a 110VAC receptacle isn’t handy. One nifty solution is to use a “dashcam hardwire kit”. These automotive accessories are intended to permanently wire a dashcam or GPS device into a vehicle’s electrical system. It’s essentially a DC-to-DC converter, changing 12VDC (from the vehicle battery) into 5VDC at 1A, plenty to power a Wyzecam. The converter’s output typically connects to a longish (10 feet or so) cable with a microUSB plug on the end.

In a residential setting, one could power the converter from a plain-vanilla 12VDC wall-wart power supply located inside the house. Run a long wire (quad phone cable, CAT5 ethernet cable, etc) carrying the 12VDC out to the desired surveillance location. A properly designed hardwire kit will tolerate temperature extremes, but is not waterproof, so it needs to be shielded from rain & snow. The 10’ USB cable provides a lot of flexibility in locating/hiding the power converter.

Note that dashcam wiring kits are available in two styles: some have microUSB, some have miniUSB. You’ll need the former for Wyzecams. Some models are dual voltage, and will accept either 12VDC or 24VDC as input. The latter provides additional flexibility for powering (i.e., a 24VDC wall wart supply).

If you decide to go this route, be aware that the microUSB plug might require some surgery to fit into the Wyze jack. The Wyze jack is recessed with a rather small orifice that is too small for a lot of ‘standard’ USB plugs. And some of the dashcam kits have a right-angle microUSB plug. An Xacto knife or Dremel tool should overcome that obstacle pretty quickly.

Here’s a link to one popular hardwire kit. A search on Amazon will find lots of others.
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Great idea. Can you provide an example link to a plain-vanilla 12V DC wall adapter that would work?

12V power supplies are commonly used for CCTV and security cameras. Lots to choose from:

kyphos, thank you so much. Great stuff!