Wyze Cam v2 Lens Hood

Several of my v2 cameras are mounted upside down via the metal disk and magnetic base, and have to be flush against the window to reduce glare. I’d like to be able to adjust their angle but doing so brings a lot more glare - which is why I’d like to use a flexible lens hood.

I know the front part of the v2 is 50mm x 50mm, and I’ve been looking for a flexible lens hood that might fit. I’ve been looking at this hood from Aliexpress, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with something like this.

So, anyone had any experience with this, or found any other solutions?

Have you tried making your own? Four pieces of flat black cardboard trapezoids cut at the right angles might do a better job than a round hood mounted on a square camera.

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Yes, I am considering foamcore or something similar. It’s just mounting that might be an issue.

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I was picturing black construction paper taped to camera and where the paper meets the glass fold a tab back so there is a flat edge to tape to the glass.

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An interesting idea!

This other older topic (Window reflection/sun) explores this a bit. I just added a post suggesting putting a polarized sunglass lens in front of your cam. My first test is promising.