WYZE CAM OG (Sun glare)

Hello All,
I have 2 Front Window WYZE CAM OG’s
These are in my Apartment overlooking the Street (from a 2nd Floor)
If I mount these up on the Glass Flush, I cannot see the Street views.
When Cameras are flush on the glass I can only see the tops of Houses.
So my issue is, when I mount them on the Window Frame (side), there is too much Sun glare and the image is not that great.
I can see what I need to but how do I reduce the Sun glare if I have these Cameras not flush on the glass.
My angled position and pointing down seems to be best but the sun is an issue. Has anyone with this same situation (living on a 2nd floor) and using these Cams solved the sun problem ?

Mount camera outside, glass will be an issue with sun or when the IR night vision LEDs are on…

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If the sun is in the camera view, nut much you can do. Have multiple cameras at different locations looking at the same target so that the sun glare is at different times for different cameras.

Thanks for your suggestion
I do not own the Property and am not allowed to mount outside as a renter

Thank you for the suggestions
Sadly, I am not in an ideal location to accomplish that.
I have 4 Cams
1 faces East (left side) and because of the House next door it gets slightly shielded from the sun
2 face South (front windows) these are getting the most sun glare but are viewable
1 faces West (right side) this one also gets sun glare but is viewable
Unfortunately it appears I’ll just have to live with it because the Sun as the World turns, is in all views naturally.
Wonder if a Hood on each Cam would help ?
I don’t have my own 3d Printer so I’d have to try different things to see what at least helps a bit more