Window reflection /sun

I have my camera inside facing by backyard but I have the issue of window blind reflection (only during the day on sunny days). Is there way way to fix or a hack to improve the camera feedback?

Generally you can remove or minimize window glare by having the camera as close and flat to the window surface as possible.

You could also look at attaching card board or even construction paper “blinders” to the sides of the camera. You will need to experiment to see what works best in your situation.


To add to @rbruceporter said. Whatever you try, make it black.

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Yes definitely! Flat black.

I’ve put black sheets of construction paper between the camera and the blinds and a piece on the camera.


There should be black cams still available in the store from Black Friday.

If you’re going to permanently leave it inside the window go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask for non glare film for that window. If not you’ll get glare from sunlight during the day and infrared glare from your nightvision at night. I was going to do this until I was able to find a mounting solution outside

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Huge improvement, added black poster board


I am still finalizing this but another approach that doesn’t involve ‘dressing’ up the window with film or liner is to put a polarized sunglass lens (non-prescription of course) in front of the cam lens. My first tests have good results. I just held a lens pulled from old, spare sunglasses in front of cam and got a better view. Might be too dark for night with ambient lighting and won’t be able to use infrared but with a window infrared doesn’t really work anyway.
Exactly how I attach it to cam is to be determined since the cam is in a hot window spot. Perhaps drill small corner holes thru plastic lens and use thread wrap back around cam (similar to face mask).

UPDATE: I put polarizing sunglass lens over my Wyze cam, and also blacked out the front panel of the camera only using a Sharpie. The blackout did remove cam from reflection. The polarizing lens did improve but not remove reflections of the white window shade. Much improved as it gives better view for a few more hours until sun is directly on the cam. I think other suggestions to ‘dress’ the window by placing a dark cloth behind the camera, between window and interior light colored shade is the only way to beat window reflections. Not a great solution given I also like to look out that window myself so I likely will live with a few hours of lost cam visibility.

My cam is against the window but on payday I am going to order these to stick to the window before I put the cam to the window. I’m not only looking for the polarization but also want the photo-grey shade to help with the sun blinding the cam.