Refection in daylight hours

The refection of my window blinds is so strong I cannot see anything outside.
Most every solution I can find says to push the camera up to the glass. Unfortunately to view the area I am wanting to monitor the camera has to be at side angle nearly parallel with the glass. I rent and cannot mount the camera outside. Will creating a small black box for the camera to sit in help? Does anyone have a solution for using your camera at an angle in a window while cutting back on the reflection of the window covering?

Don’t know, maybe grab a prism or take one out of something like this.

Heck, maybe even a strategically placed hand mirror.

You might be able to improve it with a lightproof box that surrounds the camera and it’s view on the inside of the glass. Obviously you won’t be able to use the IR illumination in that situation.

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I have the same situation and have not resolved it. I wonder if a sheet of shade film on the window section that the cam looks through would help. Particularly if it was polarizing if that exists. Don’t want it to darken too much however. Though darkening might shade camera from heat and also hide it from view a bit.
On my todo list to solve but not quite high priority. For now, my west facing cam looking down 3 stories goes almost blind for the last few hours of the day until the sun goes down.

Check this thread

This other older topic (Window reflection/sun) explores this a bit. After I posted above about possibility of a polarizer film of some sort on the window I got the idea to try putting a polarized sunglass lens in front of my cam.
This seems to work for my application where the cam cannot be pushed flat to the window. I have to tilt it down to view from 3 stories up into parking area.
My first test is promising. Jump to other thread and scroll down to see some early before & after pics.