Wyze Cam Pro 3 & Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro

These 2 cams are 5 ft apart.

I am surprised that the Cam Floodlight Pro picture is so dark compared to V3 Pro…

Any suggestions?

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That is a surprising difference. I do know that higher resolution cameras in general tend to have more struggles with low light conditions, but this is a surprising difference.

I have 6 FLPros, but I never noticed the difference was this drastic since I usually have the floodlights on at night (so a lot more light), and my view is closer up. I’ll have to look more closely at some of them.

What if you manually turn on the lights for a few second and then turn them back off. I wonder if your issue is related to @Rulwiz

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I tried the light on/off and no better.

I thought the floodlight cam pro had same or better camera than the cam v3 pro …

@WyzeHongfei this was my earlier post. :slightly_smiling_face: