WyzeCam V3 Pro Night Vision

I am curious about the night motion vision. V3 standard is fairly blurry when recording something (like a car) in motion at night. Does V3 Pro evidence any improvement in this area?

I think it depends on how much light is available. My V3 Pro records much better videos if I turn my motion activated dual LED flood light which is about 18 feet left of the camera to off. The flood coming on causes the video to darken quickly.


Thank you. These videos look great for night time!

I read that this new Pro has an Integrated Spotlight, which won’t be as good as your flood, but for close up activity may work for my needs.

Again, thanks.

It does have an Integrated spot light and that makes it even worse in my location. I will post another video of the flood and spot on at the same time so you can see what happens. The cam light sensor is a little to ambitious for me so I leave the spot light turned off. This is the spot light and flood both on.

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There is a sign that most folks ignore. The black vehicle comes every early morning, he is delivering the newspaper to the house across the street…