Floodlight Pro Ambient Light / Night Color

Upgraded firmware on both of my floodlight pros and it appears that the ambient light feature has changed the brightness, at least how it’s displayed on the app.

Before update it was a lower brightness for the ambient light feature, which is what I prefer. Now, it appears that the ambient light is full brightness.

My setting remains at “1” for ambient. I attempted to toggle ambient feature on and off while also moving it to 100 and all the way back to 1. See below.


Before firmware update:



Have you tried power cycling the Flood light Pro?

I did. You know what though? I physically checked the lights and they are indeed at the low setting brightness of “1.” However, in the app it’s bright. Could Wyze have updated the color night mode in the firmware? Or, was my night color mode not working?

That is possible. I am going to look at mine.

What is your Night Vision Mode set to?


I changed my time for the Ambient light and now everything is nice and bright. However, here is what I noticed:

it is outside my back door, when the flood light is on, bright, I see the back door reflection through my blinds. So I set the Ambient setting to 1 like you and the reflection is gone, but my backyard is bright. I think they fixed the Star Light process.

I then opened the blind and looked at the amount of light and it is minimal, but the live stream is bright. I then turned the ambient light up to 100 and it was extremely bright outside.

So it is amazing what a setting of 1 does to the live stream.

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Mine looks the same, but if I tap on the video of the live view the washed out color goes back to normal

I thought I saw something like this recently on some of mine a few days ago. When I went out to check later the floodlights still got way brighter.

Interesting. So, this makes sense. They must have improved the night mode. I panned through my sd card and it definately made a transition from dark to colorful/washed out (to some) after update. Mine was always in ambient 1.


Ah, so they did resolve a night mode issue but one version prior released in October. Perhaps the fix didn’t make it in until January’s update? (January 4, 2024)

  • Fixed an IoT offline issue
  • Fixed an Event tagging bug
  • Security improvements (October 31, 2023)

  • Added support for audio clip and repeat interval settings for Motion Warning (Wyze app 2.45 or later required)
  • Updated Image Quality (IQ) to fix a Color Night Vision bug
  • Fixed Motion-activated Light bugs
  • Security improvements
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