Spotlight on Battery Cam Pro & Floodlight V2

I recently purchased 2 Battery Cam Pros and 1 Floodlight V2. On both when i adjust the light settings from Mac to 1, yes there is a difference it is almost not noticable. I kind of expected 1 to be almost no brighter than some of the smaller solar walk way lights. Has anyone else noticed that there really is not a difference when changing the setting?

Are you seeing this by looking at it through the camera feed? or are you outside looking at it?

I am asking because the Starlight Sensor will make it look brighter when viewing through the camera. However, when you go outside and look, it is not that bright at all.

At least that is my experience.

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At first it was through the feed, and i was like that has to be the sensor. So i went out and adjusted and the range just doesn’t add up. Even compared it to the ambiante setting brightness and that got lower than the 1 setting on the Floodlight V2.

I tried to use my new Battery Cam Pro spotlight tonight, and adjusted it all the way down to “1” and it was still just about as bright as all the way up. I had to turn it off because I was afraid it may affect drivers turning into my road. The night vision is good on this camera, and I already caught a cat in the flower bed. I need to put in a rule to turn on the siren when the AI detects a “Pet”. I have updated the firmware to the and the android app to 2.49.3(399).