Battery pro spotlight issue

I have a problem with the Battery Cam Pro spotlight.
The detection distance is at max, the cooldown time is zero.
Motion is actived in spotlight settings, detection is actived too in event recording
But nothing happens when I pass in front of the camera. (Test performed overnight)
The only time I manage to operate the spotlight is by modifying the brightness in the spotlight settings.

I did few factory reset And I noticed that each time I returned to the Spotlight Setting tab the image displayed in this menu is always the same as The First Installation two days ago. Maybe there is a software issue?

Anyone have the same problem?

@darcksoul2002 I have the same issue and have not been able to figure out how to get the spotlight to work as it should. I can only turn it on manually through the app. Did you ever figure out a resolution or contact support?

I contacted support, they told me to submit a log.
No news since.
I am attempting a product exchange with Amazon hoping it was a faulty device.

Thanks, I’ll probably contact support too. Hopefully the exchange works out.