Battery Cam Pro Rule to enable or disable Spotlight setting to Activate When Camera Detects Motion

There is not a way to trigger a rule that would disable or enable the Spotlight setting to Activate When Camera Detects Motion (Sunrise to Sunset).

I have 4 Battery Cam Pro cameras and usually don’t want the Spotlight working at night when I am home but want night vision. When I travel, I like to have the Spotlight feature on to deter potential thieves and make it obvious I have a security system. Currently I have to access each camera’s setting to enable or disable and is very time consuming. The feature request is to be able to set a group of cameras by a rule trigger to enable or disable this feature.

You make a rule. Enable or Disable the rule as needed.

thank you for the details, however there is not a way to turn off or on the spotlight motion detection feature within the options, only to turn off the spotlight if its on or turn it on for 1 min. I’m looking to turn off or on the motion detection rule itself that sets the spotlight on during dusk to dawn.

Here are the options I see under Actions for the Battery Cam Pro

You set the timeframe of the rule to only run from Sunset to Sundown. Then, when it detects motion (between Sunset & Sunrise), it will turn the light on for 1 minute. It will not turn it on and leave it on. The Battery would be dead in a few hours if that setting existed. Only the powered cameras can turn on the spotlight and keep it on.

You’ve been really helpful on this and I can see how you can do this through custom triggers and setting a schedule now. Thank you and a very nice workaround!

I should have specified earlier I’m triggering these as shortcuts to turn on and off my cameras.

The shortcut approach doesn’t let you use triggers to do what you were advising on. I’d like to have a shortcut to “Arm with Spotlights” which would turn on the cameras and set the motion events record and trigger the spotlight for 1 min. And a shortcut to “Arm without Spotlights” to turn on the cameras and record motion detection but turn off or disable the spotlights.

I think you may still be a bit confused.

The cameras are ON if they have a battery in them. They don’t turn off. They aren’t recording the whole time… but they are ready to at any time.

They do passive motion detection. Where the sensors pick up motion (like a night light but more advanced) and then they turn on and record, and analyze the image for any AI things (People, Pets, Cars, etc). You must have CamPlus to benefit from being alerted to these things.

I understand what you are saying in that you want a shortcut that puts the Camera’s in a “MODE” whereby they “light up on motion during night hours”. This is probably best called a “PROFILE”.

The Rule Engine is not that robust yet. BUT, if you setup the rule and DISABLE it, you can still have the same effect, just in a different area of the app. You just go ENABLE the rule when you leave on vacation or whatever.

I have a motion rule that turns on lights to DIM colors but when I have family over… I disable that rule and enable a different rule that makes the lights constantly BRIGHT on motion.

For my backyard cameras, and 1 backyard wired camera… I have rules that say if ANY of the cameras detect motion at night, to turn on the spotlight (for 1 min) of all the other cameras and record on all the other cameras. If any camera triggers, they all trigger.

TLDR: Setup a Rule with everything you want (including schedule) then enable it as needed. Problem solved.

Thank you for the further explanation and breakdown of how the app and cameras work.

I guess I’m confused how to put in a Wishlist here. There are workarounds as you pointed out but not intuitive and really just disabling rules as a way of preventing certain functions from happening. This approach then makes widgets less useful if you are triggering shortcuts but then having to jump into the app to disable rules from happening.

No worries!!!

I feel your pain in a lot of ways. There is a MULTI-page post about Rules and the Wishlist for them. The Rule Engine is not perfect but I don’t think there are any other companies that can do what this ecosystem can do.

I don’t lock or unlock my doors. I don’t touch my thermostat. Automatic Vacuum. I don’t touch lights. Everything happens in my house according to movements, opening of doors, or time of day. I’m a big fan of the Rules. They have limitations and I certainly want it to be a bit more robust (IF/THEN/ELSE logic for example). But I think they may have painted themselves into a corner on the Rule Engine. I’m hoping they can program their way out of it.

Tinker around with the app. You might find a creative way to do what you are trying to do. Or at least something that suits you with the tools the way they are.

Thanks Earl for the help and also sharing different solutions here.

I wish I could automate most of my needs but I live in an RV that is constantly on the go or I am outside trying to enjoy the starlight. My schedule and location are constantly changing. I “arm” and “disarm” the vehicle frequently at stores, campsites, shady parking situations. I really rely on the shortcuts to quickly change modes/profiles which I find are super limiting whereas the event triggers and scheduling would normally be fine. I think the way to disable scheduled rules is a good work around in the absence of shortcuts being able to do it but adds more steps each time to enable and disable quickly rather than a single tap. from the home screen of my phone.

I love the spotlight feature when I am away from the RV to keep people away but when I am at camp walking around the rig prefer those to be off. Then when I am underway driving at night, need to turn them off as to not trigger constantly and onto traffic. Its an edge case use I have. Been using them for 2 years now and have been great for turning off recording and motion detection using Android Widgets for quick access to the shortcuts. I also like to disable the inside cameras when I’m in for the night and keep the outside ones on incase someone is trying to snoop around outside. I do have a shortcut to trigger the lights if I hear something outside as my workaround for now till one of those settings could be controlled through shortcuts.

The RV scenario is one I had no considered. I can see how this would be a bit more difficult. Definite edge case.

I’ve tried all the tricks with the Rules and I would still say that having canned rules that you enable/disable is the only way to make this work in your scenario. I would make a Rule for each “profile” you need for your setup. Don’t put a time on any of them. Then enable/disable as needed.

It adds extra clicks but it’s the only way to do what you are describing with the tools we have. And it may not cover all the bases you need. You are definitely looking at some next level automation and programming.

You could go about it with Smart Plugs and Motion sensors with wired cameras. The wired cameras are a lot more robust in terms of automation. Turning off Smart Plugs that cameras are attached to or something like that? I realize the battery cameras make it easy to put them anywhere and not run power, which in your case is probably really important. I’m just spit-balling.

Very interesting! Drive Safe!