Enable v3 Pro light on a schedule?

Is there a way to enable the spotlight to only come on during certain periods of time for a specified duration? I want it to record motion 24/7 but don’t want the spotlight to come on unless it’s at night (11pm - 7am) and then go off 30 seconds after motion stops.

  • the cam settings will let me set the light to come on with motion, and for a set duration but no way to set the timing for during the night
  • I can see a way to create a rule to turn the spotlight on between set times but can’t see how to turn the light off


You can do this thru Rules, however 1 minute is the minimum time.

You will need to disable the Spotlight Control in the Settings → Spotlight Settings (from Auto to Off) that turns it on automatically in any low light situation regardless of time.

Then in rules, set a Trigger Rule:

  • Trigger = V3 Pro Detects Motion
  • Action = “Turn On Spotlight for” 1m
  • Time = Start 11pm, End 7am

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@SlabSlayer thanks…. I was doing this on my phone and didn’t realize there were options off screen. I only saw the option to turn it on. :grimacing: just had to scroll down. Thx again.

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Yep. Buried at the bottom.