V3 Pro Light

Does anyone know how the Sensitivity
of the V3 Pro Spotlight gets set. Is it a function The Motion Detection Sensitivity Slider under Detection Settings? Or is it a preset value? I have noticed that my Spotlight will turn on, but I do not get a recorded event? I would think that if motion is detected that would cause the spotlight to turn on there would be a recorded event?

If the spotlight is set using default settings, it should turn on when motion is detected in the dark. If your not using cam plus, there’s a 5 min cooldown between events. I’m not sure if the spotlight respects that, or if it turns on even within cooldown. That could be what your seeing. Also, if it’s not super dark out the spotlight may not come on.


It has Cam Plus. This occurs when it is dark at night. The Spotlight will Trigger on, but I get no recorded events.

Do you have your event recording set to only record AI events? Check in the Event Recording page in the cams settings. Try setting it to all motion events.

That is a very good possibility. I will check that. thx

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