Battery Cam Pro Spotlight not Working

Motion is detected. Recording is made, but spotlight won’t come on.

It’s set to maximum brightness, and surrounding area is dark (that’s why I want the spotlight to come on!)

What else can I try?


I gave up and installed a solar-powered motion-sensor light next to the camera.

Maybe Waze can fix this issue one day…


I’m having the exact same issue. The light works when I have the camera in a completely dark place like my garage. Came on every time. I mounted it outside the garage. Had not ever come on at night even when camera senses motion. I can turn it on and off in the app. The reason I bought this was so am old lady can see if she comes up the steps. I thought this would work but never had. As a light I give it a FAIL. Asa camera, it’s fine.


I am having this issue as well. I just started a support case with Wyze. They want me to factory reset first, if that doesn’t work allegedly they’ll send me a warranty replacement.

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Hi all,

Sorry about the spotlight issue. The current threshold of brightness to switch on spotlight is a bit low (meaning if there’s some environmental light, the camera’s spotlight may not come on because it thinks the lighting is enough). In 2.49, we’re changing it to turning on/off spotlight based on sunset and sunrise time so that the spotlight would come on sooner. This will be updated via app and firmware updates.

@moistowlettes Apology about the issue but I’d recommend to wait for our upcoming firmware update as replacement units will likely have the same issue.


Thank you, I appreciate the info and prompt response! I will wait for the firmware update.

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I appreciate the info.

What would be helpful is like a setting or slider for the sensitivity. Maybe something that can be set for the environment. I thought the light is supposed to come on when it senses motion and the light does not. Has not ever. Only when I had the camera in complete darkness did the light come on when I entered.

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This, there needs to be an adjustment for spotlight sensitivity or the threshold needs to be lowered even further. I have 4 of them and only one turns on the spotlight. The other 3 are getting a small amount a light from a street light 80’ away, a house window , or even outdoor solar landscape lights. I came from ring and while Wyze cam has a better picture, the Ring cam spotlight was better with the light turning on and motion triggers. I know this can all be tweaked via software

i agree. As for the solat panel i connected it and it charges the cam battery to 100% even on cloudy days. I bought this light for the flood light on it and the ONLY time it works is if you have the camera in a dark room. Sticking it outside - the flood light has never turned on once. What’s the point of selling this product if it doesn’t work?

I too am having this issue. I put it in the entry way of my house and not once have I seen the light come on its own. It toggles on the app. but not in automatic.

Exactly. There should be a sensitivity adjustment slider so that we can set it. But wait a minute, why, if it’s set to motion, doesn’t it just come on? There is more of a problem than just sensitivity. Why didn’t it come on if motion is detected? The camera senses motion and records everything but the light doesn’t even come on at all day or night.

@WyzeLi when is the update coming out? Also, it is ridiculous that the support team at Wyze can’t simply give the answer you gave. They seem oblivious to this defect and coming solution. After chat and then email support, they just assume the device is broken.

The battery power and motion light are the sole reason I bought this model. Yet, there is a known issue that is yet to be resolved with a core function. Quite a disappointing experience with the device and support.

Ya. Flood light NEVER lights. At all. Seriously. This product shouldn’t have been released in this state, I have security issues and the light doesn’t work. This isn’t why i bought this “flood light”.

I’m looking at this camera but different than the issue here, I don’t want the floodlights to come on once they get them working. Is there an option to prevent this?


For now it seems they just don’t work. I hope they implement some sort of slider that you can set the light sensitivity with. At that time just set it to what it is now. It only come on for me in complete darkness. The motion does NOT turn the lights on. I would want that but neither work.